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About Us

The Honorable Head Teacher of Padma High School

The Honorable Head Teacher of Padma High School

Padma High School is an academic institute located in Charghat, Rajshahi. Its institute code (EIIN) is 126526. It was established on 05 December 1993. Its co-education type is Combined. The institute has the following 3 disciplines: Science, Humanities, and Business Studies. The average exam passing rate of the institute JSC/Equivalent: is 92.57%, and SSC/Equivalent: is 92.57%, Its MPO number is 8604141303. It has the Day shift. Its management is Managing.

Basic Info

Institute’s NamePadma High School Padma High School
Founded05 December 1993
BoardRajshahi Education Board
DisciplinesScience, Humanities, Business Studies
MPO LabelSecondary
MPO Number8604141303
LocationPlain Land

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