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Institute Info

Padma High School is an academic institute located in Charghat, Rajshahi. Its institute code (EIIN) is 126526. It was established on 05 December 1993. Its co-education type is Combined. The institute has the following 3 disciplines: Science, Humanities, and Business Studies. The average exam passing rate of the institute JSC/Equivalent: is 92.57%, and SSC/Equivalent: is 92.57%, Its MPO number is 8604141303. It has the Day shift. Its management is Managing.

Basic Info

Institute’s Name: Padma High School Padma High School
EIIN: 126526
Founded: 05 December 1993
Board: Rajshahi Education Board
Disciplines: Science, Humanities, Business Studies
Type: Secondary
MPO Label: Secondary
MPO Number: 8604141303
Co-education: Combined
Shift: Day
Management: Managing
Region: Pouro
Location: Plain Land

Infrastructure Info

Total Space: 1.14 Acres

Academic Building: 0.15 Acres

Playground: 0.10 Acres

SSC Exam Result 2019

SSC exam Result 2019 is published. 77 students have appeared and 75 students have passed. Total of 4 students have scored A+. The average passing rate in HSC 2018 is 97.4026 and the A+ rate is (5.1948051)

Appeared 77 A+ 4
Passed 75 Failed 2
Pass Rate 97.4% A+ Rate 5.2%
Sohopathi Score 48.72 National Rank 1957

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